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A Short Review on Spam Experts

Spam Experts is a spam filtering service. It provides both inbound and outbound filtering, along with mail archiving.


Filtering both Inbound and Outbound

Inbound filtering is what we would expect from a spam blocking appliance. It will block incoming spam. First, a domain is added to SpamExperts, the MX records for that domain needs to be changed to SpamExperts MX records. Once an email comes in it is checked via the Spam Experts servers and tested to see if it’s spam. If it is not spam, the mail will directly go to the client’s Inbox. If it is spam, it will be placed into quarantine.

Outbound filtering allows you to use the SpamExperts servers as a smart host. Your mail will be sent through the cluster where it is scanned for spam. If too much spam is identified then the account will be locked. This is useful at preventing a poor mailing reputation in the case of an account compromise or similar. This requires Mail server configuration changes to configure the SpamExperts servers as a smart host. An outbound account must also exist within SpamExperts for authentication purposes.


Levels of Access

There are 3 different types of accounts which are used with Spam Experts:

  1. Super-admin: This account can do anything, create new admins, access all admins and their domains, etc.
  2. Admin: This account can create new domains and make some API calls. Each client will have a single admin account. This account can be used to access all domain users created under that account.
  3. Domain user: Each domain created under a clients admin account will have a domain user associated with it. This account is used to inspect the logs for a domain, manage the quarantine, and whitelist/blacklist senders/recipients.

Each level of access has full control over the level of access below it. For example, a super-admin can use the SpamPanel GUI to log in as any admin user. An admin user can use the GUI to access any domain user for domains associated with that admin. Domain users can access the email users of any users created under that domain.


What people say and what I think of the service.

I am using Spam Experts for some time now and seems like it performs exactly as it promises. Truly the guys at Spam Experts have done a great job.

I have been reading post everywhere people saying that it doesn’t work, first of all, guys you should go through the documentation especially relevant details like filters and checkups that are done and in addition to that ask your host the provider about it. There are a handful of settings that needs to be adjusted just to get started. Finally, I must say that it indeed is a beautiful tool.

Seriously, guys there I nothing so called 100% spam proof as hackers/spammers find a way to get in eventually, but SpamExperts is actually worth it.

Reference : Spam Experts Home Page

spam experts

spam experts

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  1. Warren Harris December 6, 2018 @ 5:33 pm

    Here’s my experience.
    After switching to a new hosting provider ( I host over a dozen domains) and implementing SpamExperts, I have found I get a LOT less SPAM. For the most part it is a huge improvement.
    There are a LOT of messages that the system slams and quarantines as SPAM that are legit and I spend too much time rectifying and training the system.
    Also, It lets obvious SPAM through from time to time. Yesterday it let a fake WeTransfer phishing scam through. When I tried to forward this email to WeTransfer for their use in tracking down the scammers, SpamExperts blocked it going out, saying the URL was in

    Well if a URL is listed as malicious and you can’t send it out, how the hell does it get through in the first place?

    See my dilemma?

    Anyway, for the most part it is exceptional. But Brightmail it ain’t.

    • Anshuman Chatterjee December 9, 2018 @ 9:26 am

      Hello Warren,

      Hope you are doing well today.

      That was an excellent find and I have also seen such instances, but obviously, we cannot hope for everything to be perfect.

      These spam filters are always getting updated and they follow the trail of an email and identify it is a spam or not. So it is quite possible that you will not receive the same spam email the second time as by the time the spam email comes in the second time the spam filters are already aware of the scam.

      This is the reason you were not allowed to forward the email in the first place.

      I have been a Server Admin for some time and the part that I feel is never addressed is that users i.e. end customer do not think logically at times. No Offence. I too am a Enduser now. Left hosting support a long back.

      Anyways I feel personally that if I get a email and forward the same to the Support team handling the servers they are more than glad to add them immediately. So yes you have been affected but on a global scale it will help a lot of other users. Just think the same otherways if someone else report it and you never get the mail in the future. That actually helps.

      If you think from a prospect of service provider it is almost impossible to monitor each and every mail if we have a moderatly good amout of emails flowing. Spammers find new ways to bypass these every day and it is not possible to flag based on some criterias if the email is a spam or not.

      I believe you have experienced it first hand.

      Just to wrap up all the same, there will always be one or two leake here and there and we cannot hit out head with it. Everything over the internet is unsecure and not 100 % full proof.

      As long as you understand that and your email is safe from attack we can manage things eventually.

      Have a great day ahead.

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